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Heishin Dispenser HD

Lightweight and compact design reduces the volume in the casing as much as possible.Very little residual fluid in air-bleeding and purging helps reduce wasted materials. Simple design facilitates disassembly cleaning and maintenance.

Easy to replace discharge unit

Replacing the discharge unit can easily change fluids, helping to reduce setup time.

As the discharge unit can be frozen and refrigerated, no cleaning is necessary. Nearly no fluid remains.

Since discharge units are replaceable with ones having different capacity, a wide range of flow rate can be covered by minimum equipment investment.

Performance and dimension
Item Unit Model 3HD010G30 Model 3HD025G30
Discharge volume µL/s 0.1 - 9.8 1.8 - 160
Discharge accuracy for reference µL ±0.04 ±0.6
Resolution* µL 0.00006 0.0009
Casing internal volume mL 2
H mm 189 213
W mm 52
L mm 35
IN - Rc1/8
Needle installation part - Luer-lock type
Mass g 430 460

*Theoretical value per motor one pulse

Dimentional outline


Solder paste, Conductive paste, Adhesive, Die-bonding paste, Underfill fluid, Grease, UV resin, Silicone resin, Dam material, Bond, Anaerobic adhesive