Thanks to our unique single screw structure and know-how, microliter-level of discharge volume can be controlled. Difficulties in production sites-electronic components, semiconductors, LEDs, and solar batteries where high accuracy is required are solved.

Note : 1 microliter is 1 cubic millimeter.

Reduce adjusting time and material loss

Even if residual fluid in a barrel is in short or the fluid viscosity fluctuates, the discharge volume rarely varies, thus helping to significantly reduce the frequency to change the operating conditions.

Application volume can be kept to minimum by controlling the discharge volume with high precision. Material losses by over applying will be reduced, contributing to cut down costs.

Reduce the takt time

Instantaneous reverse rotation after discharge prevents drips with good fluid control and enables to start the next operation immediately, thus helping to a reduction of the takt time.

As a seal line created by the rotor and stator functions as a valve, no dripping keeps works and jigs clean.

Instantaneous metered discharge of even high-viscosity fluids

As the pump structure capable of discharging at high pressure is installed close to the needle, the Heishin Dispenser HD excels in metered discharge of high-viscosity materials of 500,000 mPa·s. Also capable of wide application using flat nozzle.

Contribute to improved product quality

Due to the excellent metered discharge capabilities of single-shaft eccentric screw pumps, application volume and forms are stabilized and overall quality is improved.

Best suitable for application of dam, fill and bond materials.

Discharge volume is easy-to-set and easy-to-change

Discharge volume, in direct proportion to the rotational speed, is easy-to-set and easy-to-change by just adjusting the rotational speed of the servomotor.

High-precision spot application

The Heishin Dispenser HD, which is based on the structure of excellent metered discharge capabilities, is used in combination of a servomotor and a precision reducer. Therefore, the setup application volume can be repeatedly discharged with high precision.

Uniform bead application

High-precision discharge volume control prevents fluid build-up at the start. Instantaneous reverse rotation at the completion of application prevents drips at the end, thus providing uniform application up to the join.